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5 1/2 #SpeakForYourself Rules on Zoom “Chat” Etiquette

by | Sep 29, 2020

The in-meeting Chat Feature allows you to type chat messages to other users within a meeting.

FYI, these same Speak For Yourself® rules apply for video chats with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger Rooms.

1. Don’t be a Zoom Chat Show-off.
You’re attending a seminar and you’re not the speaker. Don’t use the Chat Feature to feature yourself. Would you interrupt a guest speaker in real time to whisper to the entire audience … every 5 minutes?

2. Be mega-careful regarding private messages.
Just like email be vigilant about WHOM you’re sending your chat message to. Be honest. You’ve made this mistake. I have too. If you’re willing to go public, send us your biggest goofs.

3. Summarize and add relevant info.
You can be a great active listener by paraphrasing a good list of tips suggested by the speaker; or supply the URL the speaker has just stated. But, heed tip #1 and don’t hog the stage.

4. Say something worth saying.
Pet peeve: someone says in Chat, “Thanks Dominique. Great job.” And then 37 additional attendees say the exact same thing. It’s nice to give a compliment. However if it’s been said… you don’t have to say it again and again. Be unique or be quiet.

5. Be mindful of timing.
If your virtual meeting is about sensitive, emotional or serious subject matters – this is not the time to add your chat comments unless your perspective adds to these specific conversations.

5 1/2. Keep it short.
As we say to all of our clients, “Be brief, be gay, be gone.” When writing in the Chat Feature in a virtual meeting – LESS IS ALWAYS MORE.

All in all, just because your meeting is virtual does not mean your meeting runs by a different set of principles. Use the Chat Feature strategically.

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