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Your Virtual Presentation Checklist

by | Jul 21, 2020

Karen has a new badge! She is now a “Certified Virtual Presenter”.

Picture you’re running a livestream meeting for your Board of Governors, or you’re giving a presentation to an international association or you’re talking 1:1 to your million-dollar client.

You’re doing all of this from your dining room table.

Last week I became a Certified Virtual Presenter from eSpeakers after “demonstrating the tools, environment and skills to perform a quality remote presentation using live video.”

While you do not need this certification to do your work, I want to share some tips I learned that will improve your ability to conduct your virtual meetings and communication.

Here is your Speak For Yourself® Virtual Presentation Checklist that includes the obvious (you won’t believe how easy it is to NOT do this stuff all the time, so just do it) to the not-so-obvious items.

  • Plug in your computer. Don’t rely on your battery.
  • Get your natural lighting right. Pull the shades down if BEHIND you (or you’ll look 51 years older). Pull shades up if IN FRONT of you.
  • Turn light on (in front of you) that highlights you without adding shadows.
  • Turn off all the other programs and links on your computer. You will increase Internet speed and not reveal private info if you end up sharing your screen.
  • Have Ethernet cable as a standby if you go wireless. Have wireless available if you’re using Ethernet cable.
  • Cut & paste the zoom/WebEx link with password and keep it handy. You may get kicked off or frozen off and this is your golden ticket to get back in to your meeting … quickly.
  • Plug in your mobile so you have lots of juice. If Internet fails you, you will use your hotspot on your phone and you’ll need all the battery power.
  • Think about upgrading your Internet service. Click on https://fast.com/# to see how fast your current system is. Ideally your Upload Bandwidth (Mbps) must be at least 1.5Mbs and your Network latency (ms) must be less than 100ms for reliable video streaming.

Really? The last thing I want to know about is Upload Bandwidth and Network latency! Unfortunately, you DO care about having video meetings/presentations that work.

Have fun conducting business from your dining room table. Call us if you want to discuss the gory tech details.

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