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“You Have To Be Kidding! Stories & Humor in Business Presentations”

by | Dec 16, 2011

by Arin Forstenzer
This past week I had the opportunity to hear Dave Hill, a professional speaker, talk on how to effectively and appropriately use humor and personal stories in business presentations. While he had many great and useful points, several key benefits and techniques stood out.


Benefits of humor/personal stories in meetings and presentations:
1. Reduce conflict and stress while building rapport
2. Illuminate points in presentations and meetings to make your message stick
3. Negotiate successfully

Techniques to achieve these benefits:
1. Make sure the humor/stories used are appropriate and relevant to: the audience, the occasion and you point
2. Poke fun at yourself: the only true form of “safe” humor
3. Continue to develop your humor: practice and experience will help you to continually improve

Other points of note:
*Never start a presentation with a joke: if it doesn’t work the way you planned, the energy in the room is already gone before you start
*Don’t use sarcasm
*Don’t make fun of people…DO make fun of situations

Dave Hill’s Website:http://www.davehillspeaks.com/
Dave Hill’s Articles: http://ardmoremedia.com/


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