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You Can’t Do It All

by | Jan 20, 2011

By Rachel Schwarz

I have always been someone who takes on more than I can handle. I take the lead on group projects, never turn down a job opportunity, and often sacrifice sleep at the expense of getting something done right. It’s okay to give up some of the responsibility in order to get everything done.

Delegation and communication go hand in hand. Attempting too many projects ends in a headache and a less-than-stellar job on all of them. Completing big projects that are satisfactory requires teamwork. Dividing up a project into smaller, more manageable pieces will help make everyone feel like an important part of the team. The more involved team members feel, the more likely they are to take pride in their work.

Whether you’re the team leader or not, a properly delegated project will include everyone. Each member’s input will add value to the end result, and they will feel more motivated if they feel more included. So, are you taking too much control over your projects at work, planning all of the parties for your friends, or taking care of 100% of the housework? Split it up between everyone, and you’ll all feel more accomplished at the end of the day.


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