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You Can Do It! Keep Talking!

by | Mar 18, 2011

By Rachel Schwarz

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I am an interrupter. Interrupting has a time and aplace, and must take on a specific form in order to contribute rather than detract froma conversation. This special kind of interruption comes in the form of your fifth tip for becoming a better listener: encourage!

When you interrupt, is it to confirm what the other person is saying, or is it to make sure that you tell your story, prove your point, or force feed your idea? Make an effort to interrupt only in order to encourage the direction of the conversation. This, as with many of the other listening tips, will help you comprehend the other person’s words and ideas.

Great communication skills are important in all aspects of life. Internalizing Karen’s six easy tips for how to become a better listener will benefit you in business and personal settings. So, start being a positive force on a conversation by encouraging open ideas, accepting discussion, and asking relevant questions.

Make sure you don’t miss next week’s blog where I’ll reveal the sixth tip for better listening!


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