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When in Doubt, Make the Effort

by | Aug 18, 2011

By Arin Forstenzer

I came across a quote the other day that read, “When in doubt, make the effort.” It went on to explain that this could be anything from getting dressed nicely to doing something for a friend or calling a client rather than sending an email.

In my life I have always found this adage to be true.

To put this concept into practice, the other morning I broke my habit of throwing on yoga pants and a t-shirt and took the time to get dressed nicely, fix my hair and put on makeup. I was shocked at how ready I felt to start my day, despite the fact that I have a home office.

Before my workday began, I made my daily trip to “my” Starbucks down the block. No one was treating me any differently, but knowing I had made an effort to look nice changed my outlook, even during this routine act of getting my tall, non-fat cappuccino. The baristas at the Starbucks are always energized and friendly, but rather than politely smiling and shying away from them, I engaged in a lively conversation before going off to pick up my java. It amazed me how much my own attitude toward people changed by simply throwing on a dress and some mascara instead of my sweatpants.

Just taking the time to get dressed – or call a friend on their birthday rather than sending an e-mail or Facebook wall post, or offering to help someone at your office – makes an impact on your own mood and the attitude others have about you.



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