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What’s the Most Important Skill When You Communicate? And how I screwed this up last week in India

by | Feb 3, 2016 | 2 comments

Bollywood Movie House in Jaipur, India ... and, yes, that's a camel amidst the traffic

Bollywood Movie House in Jaipur, India … and, yes, that’s a camel amidst the traffic

Sukhi, our fabulous tour guide, asks, “Want to see a great Bollywood film while in Jaipur? It’s three hours and quite a spectacle.” Almost all ten of us say, “Sure – let’s do it.”

Here we are in a majestic movie house that you don’t find anymore in the USA multiplex film houses. The theater is packed with people from India… because we are in India. (Yes, I’m redundant here, but hang on.)

The film begins. There’s a battle scene, a love triangle and lots of drama. The BIG problem is that the film is in Hindi. I do not understand one word.

I march over to Sukhi about 30 minutes in and whisper, “Ummm, Sukhi, where are the subtitles? This is crazy!” He replies calmly, “You’re right, there are no subtitles.” I retreat back to my chair and think about how long these three hours will be.

What’s the Most Important Skill when You Communicate?

Meeting the needs of your audience. An Indian film, shown in India, will be in Hindi.

How did I screw this up in India? By assuming an Indian film would meet MY language needs.

Do American films, shown in America, have Spanish or Italian or Hindi subtitles?

It took awhile for me to realize my lack of perspective. As for this movie, the costumes and dance scenes were great and the plot became somewhat discernable but without the nuances. While I didn’t stay the entire time, I loved the audience reactions and the grand movie house itself.

PS: Thanks, Judy Dedmon, for your broader perspective on this experience, this photo, and for the popcorn.

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  1. Julie

    Hi Karen
    I love how you are always willing to acknowledge things that you may have misinterpreted. I think this is one of your many wonderful character traits.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Julie – Thanks for your comment – much appreciated. The best place to look for humor is at yourself… And, for better or worse, I have LOTS to choose from! So glad you took time to read my blog.

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