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What Would Einstein Say about Leading during a Pandemic?

by | Nov 24, 2020

Many of you know that I’m related to that guy with the bad hair. And speaking about hair I often say, “The only DNA I inherited from Cousin Albert is his hair texture.” (Any photo you see of my coiffure is a product of product.)

Einstein and my grandmother, Lina, were not only cousins and close friends, they wrote letters to each other on a regular basis.

As you reach the better part of a year leading through a pandemic and as you head into the holiday season here is one lesson I’ve learned from Einstein that can assist you now.

Lina was handling significant change and she needed to (alarm… buzz word ahead) pivot. Einstein wrote, “Dearest Lina… one does not jump so easily out of deeply rooted habits, not even you.”

He’s right. Again! And we don’t even need a telescope or black holes to support this theory. It is not easy to jump out of deeply rooted habits.

The strategy step for you, and me: Think about your habits.

  • What have you changed during Covid that’s been a good thing?
  • What habits will you keep?
  • What habits have you gotten rid of?
  • What new habits will you create?

Send us your comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving for those blog readers who live in America and good luck to all of you as you continue to jump out of deeply rooted habits.

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