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What I Learned from E-Mail Marketing Boot Camp

by | Sep 15, 2011

By Arin Forstenzer

Constant Contact’s Boot Camp training program last week bombarded us with valuable tips on how to most effectively use e-mail marketing services.


Topic 1: How to Improve Your E-mail Marketing

1. Create Motivating Subject Lines

  • Keep it short & simple—the first three words should hook your reader
  • Communicate what the benefit is for them if they open your e-mail now

2. Write focused “Calls to Action”

  • Provide an immediate benefit to your reader that motivates them to act
  • Clickable Links/Images: Links to relevant articles, videos or websites
  • Information for them to download/print   Tip: attach .pdf documents of information like calendars or white papers
  • Phone numbers for them to call

3. Increase the “Scannability” of your e-mails

  • Less is more
  • Include images, teasers, links, etc.
  • Use headers
  • Formatting: use bold fonts, italics or underlining to highlight main points

4. Brand your e-mails consistently

  • “From Name” or E-mail address should be easily recognized by your contacts  Tip: include your organization/brand name in the “From Name”
  • Consistent over time  Tip: always include your logo and use your brand’s colors


To be continued in future blog posts.



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