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What are the Rules for Great PowerPoint Slides?

by | Sep 30, 2014

Part Threebad-powerpoint Karen Reisman Executive Speech coach in a short series on great rules for visuals –

VISUALS: Design Tips

  1. Use bullets and phrases, not sentences.
  2. Use parallel structure. For example – start every bullet with a verb, or a noun, or a preposition – be consistent. (This list begins with verbs.)
  3. Leave some blank space.
  4. Use a font size greater than 32. Use the same font that appears in all of your collateral material on website and hard copy.
  5. Add titles that make sense to you and your audience. For example – a great speech has three main points/categories/reasons. Can you use those same three points/categories/reasons as your visual headings?
  6. Craft one thought per visual. Do not try to tell your entire presentation off of one slide.
  7. Remember the Titanic.  Bring a backup (either computerized or hard copy).

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