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Breathe. Sleep. Praise.

by | Sep 5, 2017

#1 – It’s good to breathe!

#2 – It’s good to sleep.

#3 – It’s really nice to take the time to praise your colleague, friend, child, direct report, or your concierge at your hotel. (ie: anyone that deserves your compliment)

Read this note. It might help YOU if you’re having voice issues.


I can breathe!!!!  For the first time in my life.

Several years back you and I were talking on the phone and you brought to my attention that I had cleared my throat WAY too many times during our conversation and that I might want to go see an ENT doctor.

I finally got diagnosed. I had NO airway to speak of. I have not been able to breathe…my whole life.  I just did not know any different.

I had jaw surgery to open up my airway. You identified a symptom but I could not find anyone who could diagnose the problem.  Now I can sleep for the first time in my life and….I don’t clear my throat anymore!

You probably don’t even remember the conversation.  But I never forgot it!

Steve…..and I can breathe!

Thank you, Steve, for sending me this email. Glad you can breathe, speak without clearing your throat all the time, and sleep.

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