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Virtual Presenter Training

Call us! Speak For Yourself® will customize our message to meet your company’s needs or your association’s conference

Workshops on HOW TO DO “VIRTUAL”

The Benefits for YOU:

  1. Enhance your stakeholders’ skill set on how to communicate trust, credibility and inspiration.
  2. Gain useable strategies to be more comfortable, confident & articulate speakers.
  3. Learn how to strategize your messages that will be easier/more fun to present AND have a higher rate of audience retention.

Your Return on Investment:

  • Grow your bottom line
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Inspire and influence beneficial change

“Speak For Yourself® in any (virtual) room”

Your attention span has shortened. Your patience has shrunk. You ran out of Purell. Follow these crucial steps to get heard above the noise.


  • Learn the must “how-to’s” on delivering engaging virtual presentations
  • Increase confidence & channel nervousness in a positive way
  • Design presentations using our proven ©SFY Blueprint to make your message stick
  • Get crucial and easy tips on lighting & background — so you look good and credible

“Speak For Yourself® to facilitate (virtual) meetings”

Don’t lie. You have multitasked during a WebEX, Zoom or Skype meeting. Stats show that 65% of the time you are NOT engaged during that virtual meeting. In fact, you look forward to these meetings so that you can clear out your various e-inboxes! Here are ways to keep your virtual audiences from clicking on all those enticing distractions.


  • Learn the do’s and don’ts on running meetings that get your goals accomplished
  • Reduce ‘zoomitis’ (inflammation of zoom)
  • Learn our Speak For Yourself® Tips on how to get traction and avoid distraction.

“Speak For Yourself® (virtually) to Grow Your Business”

Use these 9 Timely & Timeless Pandemic-Proof Communication Habits to make even more money.


  • Learn best practices around profit-centered communication habits.
  • Lose those communication habits that inhibit your company’s growth.

Speak For Yourself® Learning Tools

  • Speak For Yourself® 25+ page Workbook pdf or hard copy (for 1:1 clients)
  • Speak For Yourself® interactive pdf or hard copy handout (for client presentations)
  • The Naked Truth about Giving Great Speeches authored by Karen Cortell Reisman
  • The Naked Truth about Selling authored by Karen Cortell Reisman
  • SFY Summary Card your participants will place in their wallets next to their phone

I was stuck and you unstuck me.

Dr. Joel Small

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