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Use this 10-word sentence to elevate your business success

by | Jan 2, 2024 | 2 comments

(1)People (2)do (3)business (4)with (5)people (6)they (7)know, (8)like (9)and (10)trust.

The 1st 5 words – “People do business with people”

While obvious, we forget this simple fact. As the CEO of your large company or your solo-preneur startup – you are NOT doing business with data, spreadsheets, PowerPoint decks, or your specific products/services. While your data creates credibility, you do business with people. And it’s the way you communicate with people that can add or detract from your success.

The 2nd 5 words – “they know, like and trust.”

KNOW”: To be known means to get out there and network in your professional universe. It’s not “net-sit”. It’s not “net-eat”. It’s “net-WORK”.

LIKE”: Here’s the litmus test: Do you pick professionals to work with that you could ride for 1500 miles in a Volkswagen Beetle? Yes – they’re in. No – they’re OUT. Of course, other factors come into play, but this litmus test comes first!

  • Be Likeable. Be the person that anyone would want to invite into a Volkswagen Beetle for a road trip.
  • Look for “likeability” when hiring others.

TRUST”: Gaining trust takes time… once you’re known and liked.

  • Be Genuine. Show up with authenticity. Make that other colleague/business associate/social acquaintance feel as if he/she is the only one in the room.
  • Have Integrity. People will trust you if you show expertise and good judgment and are accountable, responsible and dependable. What you say you’ll do…. you do! And you do “it” with grace.
  • Show Empathy. Try to understand the other person’s thoughts and feelings from his/her point of view. It’s more than just pressing “like” on a social post.

Incorporate this 10-word transformative sentence into your business strategy. Be people-focused. Get known, be likeable, gain trust. You’ll do business and create wonderful relationships.

PS: As I write this first blog of 2024 I realize what a win-win this transformative sentence has been for Speak For Yourself®. I’m grateful for all of the relationships I’ve made with clients across time. Thank you!


  1. Tom Moore

    You keep it simple and the challenge is on for 2024, way to go.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Simple does not mean easy. I’ll join you in this challenge to “get known, be liked and gain trust”.

      Tom – thanks for your comment!

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