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Two Tips on how Introverts can Successfully Chair Meetings & Give Presentations

by | Oct 15, 2019

Yoyomeeting.com’s blog, featured by Meeting Management Software for Office 365, asked us to share 2 tips in their article on how introverts can successfully run meetings and presentations.

Here is a sneak preview of our short add to their blog article:

TIP NUMBER ONE – Public Speaking & Nervousness

A public speaking myth: It’s hard to give a speech. Not true. The reality: It’s hard to start and it’s hard to shut up. A few tips on the bookends of your speech that we find helpful for our clients – especially if you’re introverted: 1) Begin by thanking the introducer/meeting planner thereby taking the attention away from you for the first crucial seconds. 2) Practice your beginning and ending out loud. 3) State a clear purpose statement and ROI for your audience up front and a call to action as you conclude.

TIP NUMBER TWO – Facilitating a Meeting

You’d rather keep working and NOT attend a meeting or, even worse, run a meeting! But – here are ways to gain buy-in for meetings you facilitate: 1) Start/end on time. Seems obvious but it’s an often abused rule which will kill your traction index. 2) Prepare an agenda and get support for contentious issues ahead of time. 3) Empower your team with specific and sincere praise when applicable during your meeting.

Thanks, yoyomeeting.com, for seeking out our expertise.

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