I lost my glasses.

You might have seen me in my vintage pair from 20 years ago refusing to acknowledge the need to purchase new frames.

Why procrastinate? Time. Money. Aggravation.

Welcome to the three top obstacles to make any sale happen.

My buddy, Laurie, said, “Karen – go to Warby Parker. It’s easy, less expensive and the frames are great.”


Once purchased (took minimal time, no aggravation, and less $$) they gave me a gift – this cleaning cloth pictured here. On the cloth is Warby Parker’s story in 100 words. (A bit of cheating… the epilogue is additional!)

Your selling tips to make the sale – aka overcoming the pain points:

  1. Minimize the time it takes to do your pitch.
  2. Price your ideas/product/service commensurate with your market.
  3. Be easy to work with.

Your selling tips to KEEP selling once you’ve made the sale:

  1. Give something to your client for free that is useful, or this gift will end up in our favorite file… the trashcan.
  2. Tell your story – which means you must know your story.
  3. Be clever.

I love my new glasses.

© Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S., author of 3 books and President of Speak For Yourself®, works with decision makers on how to speak with gravitas. It’s all in how you speak for yourself. Karen also speaks about her cousin, Albert Einstein, in a message about hope, resilience and brassieres.

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