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Surprising adds that could net greater communication results

by | Dec 5, 2023

“Your ideas worked!”, an excited dentist client shared with me yesterday in an impromptu call.

I replied, “Fantastic. Tell me what happened.”

He said, “Originally I was planning to approach the new dentist in the practice that refers to me and say, ‘I see you’re now sending this specialty work I do here to another doctor. Maybe I should move my dental tools out of that operatory I use here.”

“That’s code for”, he said to me, “We’re done here.”

I asked, “Exactly what did you do and say to create a better outcome?”

“First, I changed my attitude. Second, I complimented him. Third, I asked questions. By going that route I now have a solid working relationship with this new dentist. I’m thrilled!”

Unpacking these 3 communication negotiation steps to get what you want

Eradicate your assumptive state of mind. Long time blog readers and clients know my Least Favorite Communication Word. Drumroll: ASSUME. Do not assume the worst or the best. Do not assume your listener understands your point of view, gets your implied messaging, or even receives your emails (technology is wonderful until it isn’t).

Compliment with authenticity. Praise specifically and sincerely. Is this manipulative? Yes, ONLY if you’re lying! Stick with true observations and you will empower the recipient and begin your dialog on a positive note. Ex: “Dr. Muckhajar, you’ve realized your goals with this new office. Congrats on taking risks to make this happen.”

Ask questions. Think in advance of what you want to find out. Then listen actively. Don’t interrupt. You’ll gain more intel you might use to negotiate for what you want. You’ve read this before in this blog, “Information talks and wisdom listens”.

My client ended our chat saying, “Compliments and questions, what a powerful combo!”

Your strategy to get what you want: Assume nothing, praise often and ask questions.


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