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Three Words That Sell

by | Oct 27, 2020

After purchasing a pair of glasses online the company emails my receipt. The info on this note is clear and concise. And there it is. Just after confirming my mailing address and ETA the note says:

“Did you know we sell
polarized sunglasses too?”

Brilliant. Do you see the Three Words That Sell?

“Did. You. Know.”

It’s not a hard sell. It’s not even a soft sell. It’s a perfect sell. Because it’s not really selling… it’s suggesting. You ask a simple question that begins with the Three Words That Sell: “Did you know”.

Ask your sales and marketing teams. Ask your Board of Directors. Ask your VPs. What else do you want to sell? Our Speak For Yourself® suggestion to you: Add this “Did you know” question to your emails, receipts, web site, blogs and social media.

Did you know we offer a free 20-minute phone consultation critiquing your sales pitch?

Did you know we’re often called “Ledge Whisperers” because we offer executive 1:1 coaching on speech anxiety?

Ok. Ok. Don’t get carried away. You get the idea.

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