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Three Ways to Grow Your Relationship Capital

by | May 7, 2019

Your Relationship Capital increases your Financial Capital.

As a busy influential decision maker you place your priorities on Financial Capital. You live by your organization’s metrics. Your goals center around the bottom line.

And, you’re asking, “Karen, what’s your point? If we don’t grow the business, then we don’t stay in business.”

Our answer, “You’re right. BUT don’t just concentrate on the money. Do focus on Relationship Capital. If you increase your Relationship Capital with customers, investors, suppliers, and your team; your organization will grow.”

Here’s how:

Listen More Than You Talk. Take a hard look at how much you dominate conversations. Take another hard look at how present you are when you finally stop talking and let your customer, colleague, or consultant open their mouths. Information talks. Wisdom listens.

Communicate Your ROI. To maintain relevance and increase your Relationship Capital, converse from the vantage point of What’s In It For Them. What type of Return On Investment will you deliver? Concentrate on how to be of value to them, rather than how they will benefit you.

Avoid Titanic Moments. You will hit the iceberg and collide with destiny (at the bottom of the ocean) if you do not know/understand/grasp the nuance of your clients and employees. Not to bash this analogy to death, you are the ship and your various audiences are the harbor. If the ship misses the harbor, it’s rarely the harbor’s fault.

A strong network of relationships is key to business viability.


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