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Thinking On Your Feet – Use the “Past – Present – Future” Strategy

by | Sep 20, 2016

Executive Communication Speaker and Coach Karen Cortell ReismanThinking On Your Feet Tip #3

Use the past-present-future model. Perhaps your subject can be divided into what happened in the past, where you are today, and where you hope to be in the future. Then give a summary sentence.

Example: “Robin, how’s your European initiative going?”

“Brett, thanks for asking. Five years ago we were getting our foot in the door in Europe. Today we have five subsidiaries in Germany and Switzerland. Looking ahead – we anticipate growing our brand in the United Kingdom and Italy. I’m excited about how our vision is becoming a reality.”

In our example Robin sounds organized and has done a great snapshot answer.

Your Speak For Yourself® Challenge: Use this Past-Present-Future strategy within the next two days. It’s a powerful impromptu speech tool.

Stay tuned for more specific tips on how to sound organized when you’re thinking on your feet.

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