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Thinking On Your Feet – Part One in a Series

by | Sep 8, 2016

executive-communication-speaker-and-coach-karen-cortell-reisman-microphone-on-stageSometimes you don’t have the luxury of preparing your speech and your thoughts in advance. However, studies show that those who sound organized will be given more credibility.

This series on “The Art of the Impromptu Speech” will provide short tips on excellent ways to appear organized even if you are feeling flustered, pressured, and unprepared.

Thinking On Your Feet Tip #1

Use the pros and cons method. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. State the positives and the negatives, then give a summary sentence AKA your power close.

Example: “Riley, I don’t mean to put you on the spot and I know you’ve just started as Senior Vice President of IT, but what’s your pulse on our global cyber security initiative?”

“Jordan, in my short time here I see some pros and cons to our security initiative. The advantages – we are up to date regarding protection and detection. One disadvantage I’m seeing from our teams is response time. All in all we are poised for success.”

Stay tuned for more specific tips on how to sound organized when you’re thinking on your feet.

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