You give presentations every day, even if there is no lectern.

You “present” yourself in emails, at meetings, over coffee with a prospect, on the golf course, and in front of your clients while eating steak at The Capital Grille.

Your #1 most effective way to organize these various presentations is to use The Magic Power of Three.

“Foam” “Paint” “Drywall” (bad pic, but I was driving!)

Can you categorize your thoughts into three main reasons (if you are trying to persuade), or three main ideas/buckets/silos (if you are trying to inform)?

Look around and you will find the Magic Power of Three illustrated everywhere.

While driving I saw a great example of this concept on the back of the truck just ahead of me.

Here are other examples observed around town and on my travels. You can even see that the planter boxes at Northpark Mall are clustered in groups of three.

Examples of Magic Power of 3: “Studio Movie Grill” & “eat — drink — movies”

Your audiences will have a better chance of retaining your info if you organize your thoughts into categories. Even in an email.

© Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S., author of 3 books and President of Speak For Yourself®, works with decision makers on how to speak with gravitas. It’s all in how you speak for yourself. Karen also speaks about her cousin, Albert Einstein, in a message about hope, resilience and brassieres.


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Karen Cortell Reisman, MS, Executive Communication Author & Speaker

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