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The Coach Gets Coached

by | Oct 29, 2013

You might’ve seen my blog about “The Dew of Life” – a presentation I recently gave. (click back twice)

In this speech I speak from my heart about a recent health journey that I have gratefully overcome.

When I give the written presentation ahead of time to the meeting planner, in this case the Rabbi of my synagogue, she censors me!

I’m a bit incensed by this censoring and push back.

Her response, “Karen – less is more. You’ve used some strong language here that does not push your message forward. In fact, your message will be diminished because your words will cause your listeners to get distracted.”

“Less is more?”, I ask.

“Yes.”, she replies.

If you’ve followed me for a while you KNOW I preach, “LESS IS MORE!”

She’s right. The coach gets coached!

I got emotionally involved with the subject and lost objectivity.

Tips for you: if you are too involved with your subject/content, ask someone you admire to edit you.


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