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The biggest mistakes novice speakers make

by | Dec 6, 2022 | 2 comments

Even CEOs and veteran presenters commit these presentation skills’ crimes!

COMMUNICATION MISTAKE #1: Misunderstanding audience expectations.

Don’t be the team that works only on presenting your solutions to the client or prospect. Be the group that gathers this intel first:

Where is prospect pain? What makes them tick? What are they good at? Who competes with them? Where can they improve? What defines success for them? How knowledgeable are they about your topic? Experience range?

COMMUNICATION MISTAKE #2: Memorizing your speech.

Don’t commit your speech to memory. Just know how you will start and how you will end.

Do create a fabulous outline. Call us and we’ll share our 8-step ©SFY Presentation Blueprint with you.

Do practice your material out loud and time it.

COMMUNICATION MISTAKE #3: Spending 100% of prep time on creating PowerPoint slides.

Don’t be the speaker that dumps EVERYTHING onto a ppt presentation and then reads the slides. Your visuals should be “visual” and used as support material. You are the main visual.

Exception: When a ppt deck needs to “stand alone” as a takeaway for investors etc.

Avoid these mistakes and keep on speaking. It’s fun, I promise!

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  1. Harry Hall

    Not just creating slides, but crummy slides with too much info, small fonts, running through them too fast. And you are correct in that the speaker is the reason the audience shows up, not the supplemental materials. That’s intimidating to a lot of novice speakers, but it’s the truth. Taht’s a tough concept for many to grasp.

    As usual, good post, Karen.


    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Harry – It’s called DEATH BY POWERPOINT!! And it is a slow, painful process of being numbed by the graphs, tiny print, confusing data and bad delivery!

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