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The Best Speech That Broke All The Rules & how this relates to you

by | Mar 12, 2024 | 2 comments

Jason Kelce seated at Eagles News Conference reading his retirement speech

Jason Kelce’s retirement speech

Longtime Eagles center Jason Kelce announced his retirement with a nearly 45-minute speech filled with tears, memories and thank yous.

The Philadelphia Inquirer writes, “After 13 seasons with the Birds, there was a lot to say — and Kelce made sure he didn’t miss a thing, starting with his first day in pads before moving through high school, college, and the NFL. The 36-year-old future Hall of Famer also made sure to shout out his family, his fans, and the entire city of Philadelphia…”.

I’m not a Philadelphia Eagles’ fan. I’m not an avid sports follower. I am mesmerized.

Speech rules Jason Kelce broke

🎤 Rule: There’s an old and reasoned adage – “Be brief. Be gay. Be gone.”    ✅ Jason’s take: Talk for over 40 minutes and show emotion. He cares which makes us care.

🎤 Rule: Don’t cry.    ✅ Jason’s take: He cried, a lot. USA Today writes, “Even people who aren’t sports fans tuned into the press conference and cried with the Kelce family. It got many people thinking: It’s refreshing to see men cry.”

🎤 Rule: Don’t read verbatim from your notes.   ✅ Jason’s take: He looked down most of the time reading from his mobile.

🎤 Rule: Have good eye contact with your audience.   ✅ Jason’s take: See above! He’s staring at his phone.

🎤 Rule: Conclude with a compelling ending.   ✅ Jason’s take: End by saying, “That’s all I got.”

How rules and breaking rules applies to your presentations

Speech rules are a starting point. Our Speak For Yourself® Blueprint 8-step presentation organization tool works. You’ll be able to plan and execute speeches without going nuts.

Jason shows that you can pivot. And, like Jason, here are the times when you can break the good ‘ole rules:

  • You know your audience and you know they’ll understand your MO.
  • You know your topic, inside and out.
  • You have a high presentation skills’ comfort zone.

Quoting Jason Kelce, “That’s all I got.”

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  1. John Vassallo

    I still hate the Eagles

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Me too! But it was a great speech!

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