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The Best Networking Tip guaranteed to increase your impact

by | Jun 3, 2024

The Set Up

I’m at my physical therapy (PT) appointment due to a recent knee surgery. More to the point, I’m lying on a work-out table on my side facing another PT patient lifting my bent knee up and down with a band on my thigh. He’s on his stomach stretching out his upper back. We’re quite the duo.

A selfie of Karen and fellow PT patient at Physical Therapy class.

Selfie of Karen & Chris @ our Physical Therapy appointments last week.

I say, “I overheard you work with finance companies in the insurance industry. Tell me more.” I continue my exercises, he continues his stretches, and we discover we have some clients in common.

At the close of this PT session he asks, “Do you have a card?”

“No” as I patted my empty gym short pockets. I say, “Let’s take a selfie and I’ll text it to you with my name and you text me back with your info.” (See said selfie here!)

The Close

Once we did this text exchange he said, “That’s a great idea. I’m going to do this selfie technique from now on.”

“Perfect!”, I respond. “It’s better than a business card. I now have your mobile number which is the ticket to finding you into perpetuity. Your email may change, your job and location may change… but you’ll never change your mobile number.”

Are business cards irrelevant?

No. Your card still serves a purpose. And your business card probably includes your cell phone. But, now you have the person’s pic and a text chat already happening.

The benefit for you

If you really want to stay connected to the person you’ve just networked with, take a selfie together, put your name on the text, and also add the contact’s name (spelled correctly), just in case your target does not follow through with the return text. Now you have the most critical info to stay in touch.

Take this networking idea all the way to the bank.


© 2024 Karen Cortell Reisman, All rights reserved 

Photo ©:  Selfie taken by Karen @ Carrell Clinic Physical Therapy Center


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