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The Art of the American Sales Pitch

by | Jan 7, 2014

How do you wow an American audience of investors, clients or colleagues?

Christoph Sollich, a Berlin startup consultant, said in the Wall Street Journal (Cecille Rohwedder, WSJ 11-27-13), “Many Europeans are unfamiliar with the ‘show and tell’ culture instilled in Americans from preschool.” He suggests following the “textbook script for U.S. pitches: first identifying a market opportunity and then quickly offering a solution – the company’s product.”

Sollich also adds that the pitch include “the requisite bit of whimsy to show off the company’s freewheeling culture.”

American style presentations are short with uncluttered slide decks. This is fast becoming the global norm in the area of technology and consumer goods.

Companies need to grow and raise capital. And you don’t have much time in front of decision makers.

Your Speak For Yourself® Challenge for raising money from American investors:

  1. Remember that less is more
  2. Tell your story – quickly
  3. Add emotion and even humor
  4. Use a clean deck
  5. Identify your market opportunity
  6. Offer your solution – overcoming possible obstacles
  7. Have a compelling “open”
  8. End with your “call for action”


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