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The 3 Factors to REALLY sell YOU

by | Dec 31, 2013

Jared Sennet sells mattresses. Lots of mattresses. In fact, he’s worked his way to top salesperson at his organization’s trade shows. This sought after 26 year-old travels around the country making sales and creating customer loyalty.

“What’re the three factors you must do in order to sell your product?” I asked Jared the other day.

Jared replied, “You have to know your product, listen, and build rapport.”

“That’s what I always tell my clients! You nailed it,” I replied. Listen to Jared…

1.   Knowledge:  You cannot sell what you do not understand. As consumers in a busy market place we must intuit that you have the goods, literally and figuratively. We will move on in a heartbeat if you falter on what you’re representing. Through your verbal and nonverbal behavior you need to reveal your knowledge level. Verbally – the strength of your voice, your actual content, and the way you organize what you’re saying. Nonverbally – your eye contact, gestures and stance will support or negate your claims.

2.   Presence:  Do you feel like you’re never where you really are? You’re driving and doing an audio-text. You’re in an elevator checking FB posts. You’re in a grocery line reading your email. Are you ever PRESENT? All of your energy focused on the situation at hand? Presence equates to listening, the second skill set Jared reported as crucial. And listening looks like this:

a.   looking at your client/prospect

b.   nodding

c.   paraphrasing

d.   asking questions

e.   standing/sitting with energy

f.    smiling

However, I share with my audiences, you can do all six on this list and still not be present. That’s called “auto-pilot.” To be present takes a conscious behavioral attitude of authentic focus.

3.   Rapport: Jared said, “If you build rapport you make the sale and you begin to create a relationship, which means more sales down the road.” Here’s our Speak For Yourself® check list for ways to build rapport with your prospect –

a.   Use their name – not too often… just enough

b.   Ask about their needs

c.   Find some commonality

d.   Give a firm handshake – up front and at the end of your chat

e.   Smile

f.    Solve their problems and don’t talk about yours

g.   Have good posture whether you’re sitting or standing

If you ever meet Jared at a trade show I bet you buy a mattress.

Your Speak For Yourself® Challenge: Know your stuff. Be present & listen. Build rapport.





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