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Testing Testing 1…2…3… Testing

by | Feb 1, 2013

You are probably constantly testing aspects of your business for ways to improve and innovate.

Maybe you test out a new style of speech delivery. You might play around with language in your speeches, change the order in which you present certain topics, and try out different ways of conveying the same message. When you send out an email blast, you vary the email format and content and try to judge what would be most appealing.

Despite all the effort you put into testing out ideas, how often do you systematically and carefully review the results?

The next time you send an email blast, test the content or format. Make two different versions of the same product, send one of the versions to half of your email list and the other version to the other half. Chart the results. See what works. Repeat the process with the successful version and another new version. Systematizing the testing process will allow you to see not only what works and what does not work, but also why something works. Then you can build upon that success.


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