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3 Secrets to Nail Your Virtual Presentations

3 Secrets to Nail Your Virtual Presentations

For your success at giving virtual speeches – follow these three action steps. This short list goes beyond the usual stuff like making sure you have sound, can be seen, lighting, cameras etc.

Thank you @MohrPartners for inviting me to keynote last week at your national sales conference on Virtual Communication. These strategies saved me (and I really do know what I’m doing) – and it will save you too!

Do a Dress Rehearsal WITH an Audience

You may think you’re practicing when you review your material in your head. No. What you say mentally is not what you say in reality. Give your speech out loud to a couple of kind souls.

During the rehearsal my phone rang… NOT the iPhone but on my iPad. My “do not disturb” was “on” but only when the iPad is locked. I used a clock app on the iPad so the iPad was Unlocked and then came the ring. Who knew? Now I know. What do you have turned on or off on your devices that may start barking at the wrong times?

After the speech my buddy Nancy said, “Karen – never wear that leather jacket again! You squeak!” My fancy lav mic picked up the squeaky sound every time I moved my arm away from my body. Who knew? Now I know.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Just like packing for a business or fun trip (how nostalgic) it’s harder to pack than unpack. Same for a virtual presentation. The video here shows all the moving parts, plugs and adapters. We even figured out how to raise the second computer housing the PowerPoint deck above the zoom computer by using a trash can and books. Don’t rush this process. Get it right.

Follow Your Check List

Pilots and surgeons use check lists. You need one too for giving any speech, virtual or in-person. And you’ll keep adding to this list. I live in a high rise. During a recent storm we lost heat. What does this have to do with you?! Do you want to be disturbed during your zoom event? Not if you can help it. I knew the maintenance guys were going into all the units to check on the ventilation system. So – a new add to my check list: “Put large note on front door saying ‘Do Not Disturb! Don’t knock! Come back later! Giving virtual speech!’”

Last week I traveled all the way from my kitchen to my den to give this presentation. It worked! Client is happy and so am I.

Strange calamities can and will happen. Our goal is for YOU to be ready, calm, and confident so that you rock your virtual stage.

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