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The Habits of the Very Successful

The Very Successful Team that works with Dr. Kosoris

Jeff Kosoris, D.D.S., a long time recipient of my quarterly computer newsletter/ezine, sent this email about a recent edition: “Loved the Columbo reference and the 3 questions. But…..you mention that you had lunch with a ‘very successful client’. How did you come to that conclusion….’very successful’?”

So, I schlepped to charming Waxahachie – 45 minutes south of Dallas – to visit with Dr. Kosoris and his team to observe if he and his practice exhibited “very successful” traits.

They did! Thank you to Annette, Cindy, Lana, Merle, Shannon, Susan, Theresa, and Dr. Kosoris for taking time to talk about your careers and this special team.

Here’s what makes this dental practice very successful:

1. Humor. This entire team, including Dr. Kosoris, seemed to have a gleam in their eye. No – not every day and every patient provides them with gut splitting laughter. But they find the humor. I asked them if they had a really funny moment in the practice they’d be willing to share. Watch this video for the answer – once I get it uploaded!!

2. Gratitude. The team is grateful to work for Dr. Kosoris and in this practice. Many of them have been part of the team for over a decade. And this gratitude goes in both directions. Dr. Kosoris said, “My team has lives too. Families, husbands, sick kids. They have the same issues I have. I treat them with respect.”

3. Passion. An old adage goes as follows: Two brick layers sweat over their task of building a wall. When asked how they feel about their jobs the sour brick layer replied, “I just put one brick over another. It’s a job. I punch in and punch out and take my lousy money every Friday.” The second brick layer responded with a smile, “I’m part of a team that’s building a beautiful church.” The difference? Passion. How does Dr. Kosoris help build passion around their dental practice? Through effective leadership and communication.

Dr. Kosoris, Susan and their team has humor, gratitude, and passion. What a pleasure to spend some time with this VERY SUCCESSFUL group of professionals.

Check out this video of the team here

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