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Traditions and Communication – A Fusion

By Rachel Schwarz

Last week, Jewish families all over the world celebrated Pesach, or Passover. In my house, my dad leads the service and story that accompanies dinner. He has taken on this role not only because he enjoys it, but also because it’s a tradition. Everyone in my family has happily allowed him to assume this responsibility.

Not only does he share the Passover story with us, but he has also developed his own interpretation of the service that involves a facilitated discussion about a current issue in the lives of Jews around the world.

No matter what other changes happen each year, I can always count on Passover as a time when my dad will take the reigns, share a piece of my family’s religious history with us, and remind us that the world is a lot bigger than our home in Dallas, Texas. It’s also a time that I look forward to in which my family always communicates and interacts positively. We don’t argue or disagree; we simply enjoy the holiday and each other’s company,

Tradition is intimately related to communication. Whatever traditions you have with your family, think about the unspoken words that are transferred during these occasions. Moods improve, discussions are plentiful, and experiences are special.

Passover is one of my favorite family traditions. What are some of yours?

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