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Golden Globes, Jimmy Fallon and Teleprompters

Golden Globes, Jimmy Fallon and Teleprompters


Awards season has begun. Actors take the stage to present, accept and preen.

Unless you’re Jimmy Fallon emceeing the event when the teleprompter fails.

What do you do when your teleprompter fails? Even a pro like Fallon can stumble. But like a pro he regrouped, did some stand up and the show moved on.

Teleprompting, like any tool, is there to support your efforts and allow you to connect with your audience. But it is NOT a replacement for knowing your content backward and forward.

Here are three Teleprompter Tips for mere mortals:

  1. Bond with Your New Best Friend: The operator. 
Whether you’re a teleprompter newbie or pro, it’s comforting to know that there’s a real live person behind the technology – one who is dedicated to your success. Rehearse and practice with Your New Best Friend to get to know your pace.
  1. Practice aloud to sound conversational with natural pauses and inflection. Your objective is to tell a story, not read to your audience. During rehearsal you can edit your script. Your New Best Friend can make word changes.
  1. Remember that the basics still apply.
Eye contact is a requirement for connecting with your audience. The presence of a teleprompter doesn’t change that fact. Look to the left and right of the two screens and the center of the room to appear like you’re looking at everyone. Also – move your body slightly as well. If you just move your eyes you’ll look stiff.

Ultimately go with the flow even if you’re not a famous actor who’s used to being on stage. Know your material and have fun sharing your message.

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