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Use this 10-word sentence to elevate your business success

Use this 10-word sentence to elevate your business success

(1)People (2)do (3)business (4)with (5)people (6)they (7)know, (8)like (9)and (10)trust.

The 1st 5 words – “People do business with people”

While obvious, we forget this simple fact. As the CEO of your large company or your solo-preneur startup – you are NOT doing business with data, spreadsheets, PowerPoint decks, or your specific products/services. While your data creates credibility, you do business with people. And it’s the way you communicate with people that can add or detract from your success.

The 2nd 5 words – “they know, like and trust.”

KNOW”: To be known means to get out there and network in your professional universe. It’s not “net-sit”. It’s not “net-eat”. It’s “net-WORK”.

LIKE”: Here’s the litmus test: Do you pick professionals to work with that you could ride for 1500 miles in a Volkswagen Beetle? Yes – they’re in. No – they’re OUT. Of course, other factors come into play, but this litmus test comes first!

  • Be Likeable. Be the person that anyone would want to invite into a Volkswagen Beetle for a road trip.
  • Look for “likeability” when hiring others.

TRUST”: Gaining trust takes time… once you’re known and liked.

  • Be Genuine. Show up with authenticity. Make that other colleague/business associate/social acquaintance feel as if he/she is the only one in the room.
  • Have Integrity. People will trust you if you show expertise and good judgment and are accountable, responsible and dependable. What you say you’ll do…. you do! And you do “it” with grace.
  • Show Empathy. Try to understand the other person’s thoughts and feelings from his/her point of view. It’s more than just pressing “like” on a social post.

Incorporate this 10-word transformative sentence into your business strategy. Be people-focused. Get known, be likeable, gain trust. You’ll do business and create wonderful relationships.

PS: As I write this first blog of 2024 I realize what a win-win this transformative sentence has been for Speak For Yourself®. I’m grateful for all of the relationships I’ve made with clients across time. Thank you!

Your #1 Clue to Great Email Openers

Your #1 Clue to Great Email Openers

You’re wasting crucial digital real estate with weak email openers.

Don’t state the obvious. Especially in your first sentence.

You’re thinking, “That IS obvious. Why would I start an email with info my audience already knows? I don’t do this.”

But, you do.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, the president of a small business, or writing your annual holiday letter to friends/family/clients … you’re starting your emails with this: “As the year draws to a close, we reflect on the challenges…”

Can’t argue with that sentiment, but is this Non-Newsflash the way you want to gain your audiences’ attention? Hint: you’re NOT!

Our finger is itching to smash the Delete Key before we even read your second non-helpful line, “To be honest, this hasn’t been the year we had planned.”*

Your #1 clue:

Lead with your need.

❌ Do NOT state the obvious. (And please stop saying “to be honest”! Is everything else you write/say dishonest?!)


✅ Start your emails with the word “You” or “Your” and make your info about your reader. Ex: read the first line of this blog!

❌ “I wanted to follow up with you about…” 😬😬😬

You can do better!

*Source: we won’t reveal it! This sentence is verbatim from a city-wide newsletter we received.

Speaker Anxiety – how to dance with this demon

Speaker Anxiety – how to dance with this demon

I remember…

my first class I teach at Richland College.

I’m nervous and think, “This 90-minute class will never end.”

But I’m done in 5 minutes!

There I stand, with 40 college students looking at me. I know I have nothing else to say. They know I have nothing else to say. And my entire body breaks out into a sheen of sweat.

Had I not signed a contract to teach this class I might not be a speaker and communication consultant now as CEO of Speak For Yourself®! I am forced to show up at Richland College every Tuesday and Thursday for 16 weeks. That’s 32 class sessions in case you didn’t do the math.

It was a powerful lesson that I learned about practice and perseverance.

Effective speakers/teachers/communicators make it look easy.

It’s not!

And now…

I warn all of my fabulous clients that speaker anxiety is part of the game of speaking. You won’t get rid of it. In fact, you want that adrenaline edge. You learn how to dance with that demon and use that extra energy in a positive vs. negative way.

And some of those demon-dance steps include practice, perseverance, time, rinse and repeat.

I taught at Richland College for 10 years. The first class of each semester (and all my classes) lasted the full 90 minutes!

One of my coping mechanisms then and now (I still can get hot!) …  I wear cotton.

What are some of your coping mechanisms?

3 Scariest Speech Mistakes

3 Scariest Speech Mistakes

Do you want your audience of one or many to look like this skeleton?

💀 #1 Scariest Speech Mistake ➜ Cobweb Brain

❌ Don’t be boring. If you and your content are not compelling we (your audience) will grow cobwebs in our brains… and stop listening.

✅ Do gain traction. Tips: Smile more. Have good posture and eye contact. Use stories with dialogue. Add metaphors. Engage with a clever opener. Conclude with a “call to action”.

💀 #2 Scariest Speech Mistake ➜ Cue Coma

Even your dog will NOT be your best friend if you make these scary speech mistakes!

❌ Don’t ignore the pulse of your audience. If you don’t understand their needs and issues you’ll put your group into a coma.

✅ Do read the cues in the room. Tips: Do your advance intel. Understand who they are and what they need from you. Then, at your event keep tabs on your audience’s nonverbal and verbal reactions. Gage their mental buy-in and physical energy level. If either begin to lag then vary your vocal pace and add in group participation.

💀 #3 Scariest Speech Mistake ➜ Clock-or mortis

❌ Don’t talk too long.

✅ Do stay within your time limit. Tips: Know the length of your presentation or meeting ahead of time. End when you’re supposed to end.

Happy Halloween BUT don’t make these scary speech mistakes!



Diplomacy, Negotiation and S’Mores – Power Talk Strategies for Leaders

Diplomacy, Negotiation and S’Mores – Power Talk Strategies for Leaders

On a recent visit to the Carter Presidential Library I was intrigued with the peace accord U.S. President Jimmy Carter brokered between Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

3 surprising tactics learned from these leaders that you can use to navigate win-win outcomes

1️⃣ Plan your context as well as content.

The background for this historic accord was Camp David, a 125-acre secluded retreat for the President of the United States, with a dozen guest cabins. A perfect place for conversations, meetings and space.

🏕 Tactic: For your big deals you might think that your subject matter trumps all. False. While content matters, pick a location for your critical events that provide the setting for success.

2️⃣ Cultivate perspective.

At one frustrating point Sadat packed his bags. Carter came to Sadat’s cabin and began talking about their grandchildren. Sadat unpacked his bags in hopes of shaping a better world for the next generations.

🏕 Tactic: For your power talks think beyond your perspective. Carolyn Hax, a Washington Post columnist writes, “ To have no conception of how other beliefs could be right for someone else is to fail to understand that other people can have an emotional makeup, cultural history and/or set of life experiences that differ from yours.”

3️⃣ Show gravitas.

Carter’s good fortune was that he had Begin and Sadat as negotiating counterparts. They were determined political leaders who possessed strong wills, stamina, courage and vision.

🏕 Tactic: For your good fortune exude gravitas (defined as a sense of authority and presence) just as these three leaders exhibited in 1978.

That summit laid the groundwork for an historic peace treaty.

Think about how you lay the groundwork for your win-win power talks.

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