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Trustworthiness – A Pillar of Enchantment

by Arin B. Forstenzer, Marketing Coordinator

Guy Kawasaki spoke about “enchantment” last night for the Social Media Club of Dallas. While everything he said was fascinating, one point that stood out to me was his suggestion to “agree on something” to achieve trustworthiness.

While this seems like common sense, I have found that many people find small talk or conversations with strangers (or superiors, co-workers, clients, etc.) to be a difficult skill to master.

Perhaps I learned this skill from watching a master – my mother! She is a natural at making people feel at ease with her.

Kawasaki gave the example of two businessmen finding common hatred of opera. As I drove home from this event

I listened to country, rock, and a rap song – all music that I like that are vastly different. It suddenly occurred to me that this variety makes it even easier for me to find something in common with others.

Whether it’s music, sports, weather, your background, your career – try to find a common interest or hatred when connecting with others.

Rapport = Commonality = One pillar of enchantment = Trustworthiness 

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