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Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

Stuff happens… as a speaker, leader, and ranch owner. It’s all about damage control.

Jimmy, my Handsome Cowboy Husband, finds this snake last week at our ranch. Did I hear you say “amen” that I am NOT the discoverer? 😱

The best thing I never wanted

For over a decade this confirmed urban girl has loved our ranch, 100 miles west of Dallas, as a weekend getaway. I work with clients, do strategic retreats and hang out with family and friends. But that does not include snakes.

Where are your snakes?

Speaker snakebites & remedies

Technology:  No matter how your computer, ppt, house sound, videos and mic work during your pre-show run, tech problems can bite you. In fact, one time someone stole my computer during a break.

Tech Remedies: 1) bring a backup on a thumb drive 2) be able to speak without ppt (often a better approach anyway) and 3) always appreciate and become buddies with your A/V team.

Logistics: Ever show up at the wrong hotel, wrong date, or even the wrong city for your gig? This all happened recently (!) but, fortunately, not to me. Virtually … Wi-Fi issues, lighting, and background distractions can rattle you.

Logistic Remedies: 1) double check all the logistic details 2) get to the venue early 3) do an online rehearsal for virtual events.

Current events: Ummm… the pandemic, for starters. Travel nightmares. Weather fluctuations.

Current events Remedies: Be flexible. Find the humor. Add in more time for travel.

Business leader snakebites & solutions: stay tuned for my next post.

What happened to the snake?

#HandsomeCowboyHusband saved the bull snake (not poisonous) and it’s back in our Garden of Eden. 🍎

He posted the snake pic on Facebook. It went viral. Many commented “OMG” with a variety of emojis. Best responses….

  • 3rd place: “How about a new snakeskin purse?”
  • 2nd place: “And that’s why you keep the lid down… always!”

Stuff happens

In order to communicate with power and presence as a speaker and business leader you must expect the unexpected.

Author: Karen Cortell Reisman is Founder of Speak For Yourself®, a communication consulting firm, and the author of 2 books on how to communicate & sell. She lives in Dallas, TX and stays at Star Ranch on most weekends, where she will now always inspect the toilet first. 🐍

Thank you to Robin Sachs for this week’s blog inspiration.

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3 Excellent APPs for Public Speakers

What to learn how to cook filet mignon? There’s an app for that. Looking for good places to go mountain biking? Yep. There’s an app for that, too. There are apps for every iphone/ipad user.  Here are 3 excellent iphone and ipad apps for public speakers:

Speaker APP 1 – mPrompt: mPrompt is a “teleprompter” app that allows you to use your iphone (or ipad) screen as a teleprompter. You can download and edit the speeches directly to the app and change fonts and colors of words to remind you to emphasize certain points. The speed of text flow is also customizable. It can be used with an LCD projector or on its own! At a low price of just $1.99, this app is perfect for those who want to regulate speech flow and speed.

Speaker APP 2 – Infonet Presenter: Infonet presenter is an all in one presentation displayer that can download many types of files. It is perfect for organizing a presentation, copy and pasting photos and videos, and the slides can be used as a whiteboard. This app is perfect for teachers and presenters trying to educate through this medium (appadvice.com)

Speaker APP 3 – KeyNote: Every Keynote speaker should own this app! It is the single most comprehensive and elegant slide presentation creator in the App store. The app comes with built in start-up slides for slide that feature clear, crisp designs. This app makes flawless charts and is compatible with other similar apps. The sophisticated design and animated transitions will have your audiences enthralled.

Karen Speaks to Dental Audience in Albuquerque on: Did You Hear What I Didn’t Say? How to Speak for Yourself!

Thank you to Drs. Kevin Harrison and Dianna Montoya for inviting me to speak; and for putting together a great group of dental offices. We had a really fun morning learning about how to communicate trust and grow your dental practices.

Dr. Kevin Harrison and Dr. Dianna Montoya with Karen

Dr. Frank Montoya and Dr. Dianna Montoya with Karen

Dr. Kevin Harrison and Karen Cortell Reisman

The Rules Have Changed


Karen with Randy Gage

At least that’s what Randy Gage says. In his new book, Risky is the New Safe, Gage outlines a strong theory that there has never been a better time to be alive. And that’s because there will be more cataclysmic change in the next 15 years than in the past 1000.

We can take advantage of this shift and make millions; or lose millions. It all depends on the questions we ask – given today’s realities.

Here are snippets from his conversation this morning with the National Speakers Association – North Texas Chapter:

• 5 million people have a smart phone today. In the future our smart phone screen will follow us everywhere – from our cars to our homes to our offices. It’s electronic tethering.

• The Euro will collapse within 3 years.

• The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.

• Be a critical thinker. Question authority. Titles/Degrees mean zip.

• We process more info in one day than our grandparents did in 5 years.

• By no later than 2022 Artificial Intelligence will exceed human intelligence.

• Mobile Apps change everything.

• WW III in the business world – the battle to control streaming video.

• Look at successful systems and ask what can I learn from Cirque de Soleil? What can I learn from Jimmy Buffet? What can I learn from the Eagles? All three have shifted modalities to be on top of this new market.

What are the critical questions to ask not only to stay in business but also to soar?


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