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3 Essentials for Over-the-Top Productive Virtual or In-Person Meetings

3 Essentials for Over-the-Top Productive Virtual or In-Person Meetings

You go to long meetings, toxic meetings, dumb (ineffective get-nothing-done) meetings. You become impatient, frustrated and bored. You might even be chairing these excruciating meetings.

How to Chair Productive Meetings


  • Ask whether you need to meet. My pet peeve: Why does a board need to meet monthly if it is just a book report? Take the bored out of board meetings. Don’t meet if you don’t need to.
  • Figure out your Specific Purpose and Desired Outcome so that you can answer item #1.
  • Invite who really needs to be there to address your Specific Purpose. You can always have Meeting Guests attend for selective segments if needed. (These “guests” won’t be wasting their time or, worse, disrupt/distract from the rest of your great meeting.)
  • Prepare & disseminate your agenda.


  • Rule #1 Begin on time, every time, always.
  • Rule #2 Discuss positive stuff first.
  • Rule #3 Accomplish your Specific Purpose to achieve your Desired Outcome.
  • Rule #4 Figure out your WWW: WHO is going to do WHAT by WHEN.
  • Rule #5 Empower with praise and thank your team for attending.
  • Rule #6 Encourage healthy debate. Otherwise why meet?
  • Rule #7 End on time, every time, always.


  • Follow up.
  • Follow up.
  • Follow up.

To have over-the-top productive virtual or in-person meetings your preparation controls your outcome.

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