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“Opportunity isn’t always obvious” Tiger Woods

The same media that fertilizes fame also drives intense scrutiny.

The tabloids and blogs have filled Tiger Wood’s vacuum of silence as he tries to handle his embarrassing and curious middle-of-the-night one-person car wreck.

Now the pundits have arrived at the wreckage. Better to come forward quickly, tell the sordid truth, and take the blame. And then, don’t screw up again.

I feel for Tiger and his family. If he weren’t famous, this story would be on page 11 in the local metro section. But, this very blog is a testimony of current, instantaneous platforms to educate, criticize, marvel, and mull.

Here’s my charge: to bring you a thoughtful perspective on the human comedy/drama. To talk about what’s funny, what’s poignant, what’s crazy… and how we can learn from “it”.

You can’t make this stuff up. I am not a joke teller. I just observe what’s around us and find the humor or message – hopefully. Opportunity isn’t always obvious.

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