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Sell with Authenticity

By Rachel Schwarz

In last week’s blog I critiqued underhanded persuasive techniques. While they work, I maintain they are deceptive. Karen and I discussed how Kent Billingsley, President of The Revenue Growth Company, Inc., offers a far better approach to being persuasive.

Kent outlines three steps for how to sell authentically.

  • State the Problem
    • First, point out what the problem is. Where’s the pain? This can be as specific or general as necessary, as long as it rings true to the audience. Draw them in by indentifying with their struggles.
  • State the Resolution
    • Outline how to solve the problem. If you can accomplish this on a limited budget, that’s even better! Make it clear that the problem can be solved with a little bit of time and effort.
  • State the Results/Benefit
    • Great! You’ve solved the problem! But why should anyone care? How will the use of your solution benefit everyone involved in the problem solving process? If you can pinpoint the positives, your audience will leave on an upbeat note and understand that your solution is the best one!

This approach can be used in everyday life or to sell your million dollar product.  So take a step back, evaluate the issue, and present your case using these three clear steps.

For more information contact Kent Billingsley at kentb@revenuegrowthcompany.com or www.revenuegrowthcompany.com.

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