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The Year In Words

Today I’m going to a coffice to get some real work done. I hope I don’t have to hear too many halfalogues or get into a conversation with a mansplainer at the next table. If so, I’ll return to the safety of my home and just sofalize. Actually, that will give me more opportunity to get back to my social graph.

Welcome to five words created during the year of 2010, according to NYT’s Grant Barrett, a lexicographer specializing in slang and new terms.

Coffice: a coffee shop habitually used as an office by customers, who mooch its space, electricity, Wi-Fi and other resources. Presumably, they pay for the coffee.

Halfalogue: Half of a conversation, like an overheard cell phone call.

Mansplainer: A man compelled to explain or give an opinion about everything – especially to woman. He speaks, often condescendingly, even if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or even if it’s none of his business.

Sofalize: A British marketing term created for people who prefer to stay home and communicate with others electronically.

Social Graph: The structure of personal networks, who people know and how they know them, especially online. The term probably came from internal lingo at Facebook, but it has spread widely among technology companies.

Heard of any other new words this year?

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