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The Best Dentists in Dallas

Dentists get a bad rap in movies. Either portrayed as nerds or sadists. Neither stereotype defines the norm.

I’ve coached many dentists on communication skills, and I’ve had the good fortune to speak to Dental Associations across North America. The dentists I know are fabulous care givers, thirsty for knowledge, and effective managers and leaders.

Many of these dentists I know and work with have been listed in the December, 2009 issue of D Magazine – Dallas’s monthly magazine – as one of the “Best Dentists in Dallas”.

On this list is Dr. James Reisman, my husband…. and my fantastic dentist! He’s been listed in D Magazine every year and I’m proud of his accomplishments and the accolade from his peers. He deserves it.

Congratulations to others on this list that I have been honored to work with, or have spoken to their team or association:
Dr. Hedley Rakusin
Dr. Lynn Gerlach
Dr. Bill Gerlach
Dr. Gary Solomon
Dr. Jimmy Eubank
Dr. Marshal Goldberg
Dr. Frank Higginbottom
Dr. Dean Jensen
Dr. Jon Ousley
Dr. Joel Small
Dr. Tammy Gough
Dr. Susan Hollar
Dr. Tom McDougal
Dr. Justin Aurbach
Dr. Mac McDonald
Dr. Gayle Glenn
Dr. Hilton Israelson

Working Out and Working Smart

I caught the work-out bug about 12 years ago. I’m a regular at my gym, called “the JCC”. The equipment is top notch, the locale is good, and, above all else, the trainers and staff are great.

Yesterday as I was leaving I saw this sign in one of their offices.

Easy Steps to Providing 5-star JCC Customer Service

 Ask a question
 Always say hello
 Use people’s names
 Introduce members to other members
 Provide additional information on programs and events
 Acknowledge all requests within 24 hours
 Take the initiative
 Own the moment: Ask if there is MORE you can do
 Give staff updates on programs
 See what’s happening at the JCC

The guys at the JCC really do this stuff! If we do it, our businesses will also thrive.

I work out, the JCC works smart.

Great reminders on how to retain happy customers for life!

Great reminders on how to retain happy customers for life!

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