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Are First Impressions The Only Ones You Get?

By Rachel Schwarz

Have you ever had a customer service experience that was so fantastic it changed your whole day? Ever gotten a compliment from a stranger and smiled the rest of the way home? Can you think of a time when just an ordinary day turned into an extraordinary one because of the way you were treated?

Interactions with other people can have a profound effect on our attitude, emotional state, and outlook. Yesterday, I started training for a new part-time job. Not only was the company excited to employ me, but they continued to reiterate the positives of this work environment and their enthusiasm about adding me into the mix.

This was a profoundly different experience than I had with a different company, and it changed my entire view of the job. First impressions are lasting impressions. My first impression at a bad company stayed with me until I was able to find a new job where I felt welcomed and accepted. I am excited about starting a job with a company that is just as pleased about having me.

A smile can make all the difference. A compliment can be the game-changer. It’s crucial to be on your “best behavior” at all times, but upon meeting someone for the first time, remember what a big influence your small compliment can have. So, if you’re crazy about someone’s shoes, tell her! Don’t hesitate to give a sincere compliment. These positive vibes that are easy to send out into the world will make someone’s day and improve yours!

Your first impression is the only one you get.

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