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What Emojis say about you

What Emojis say about you

😎  How do Emojis reveal what generation you belong to?

🥸  How do Emojis dramatically alter the meaning of a sentence?

🤓  I took the CNN quiz.

Did you know that … ⁉️

  • Millennials are more likely to use Emojis to convey emotions, but sometimes attach more symbolic meaning to them. ❤️
  • Gen X is generally more practical in their use of technology and less likely to use Emojis. 👍🏼
  • Gen Z uses repeated letters in communication, like “hiiiiiiiiiii” to convey enthusiasm.  😂
  • Millennials & Gen Z tend to avoid ending texts with periods while Baby Boomers apply the rules of formal letter writing and use full sentences. ✍🏻
  • Gen X sends a moderate volume of text messages and worry less about response times while Gen Z sends an excessive amount and expects immediate responses. Baby Boomers send and receive a lower volume and not as concerned with response time. ⏰

Understanding Others

Review these Emojis that each of these generations uses ➜

Why is this relevant to you?

1️⃣  Texting style isn’t set in stone based on your birth year. You may “code-switch” when you text, just as you might adapt your tone and approach depending on your audience.

2️⃣  Many break grammar and punctuation rules when texting arguing that texting is more like talking than writing.

3️⃣  Because Emojis lack gestures and facial cues they can add meaning to text messages. But symbols can be misunderstood. Age is just one factor. Culture, gender and evolving Emoji means also play a role.

😂  Ok… my CNN Emojis Across Generations Quiz Result … drum roll   🥁🥁🥁

👍🏼 I’ll take it!

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