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I Don’t Know! But That’s Okay…

Hello, valued blog readers! My name is Rachel Schwarz and I recently began working as Karen Cortell Reisman’s marketing assistant. While I’m still learning the ins and outs of her business, one helpful tip I’ve learned is that part of communicating effectively is having the capability to take a step back and evaluate events in my own life as learning opportunities.

On Sunday afternoon, I attended a meeting for a youth organization that I will become an advisor for beginning this fall. This meeting was my first exposure to the other advisors as well as how the process works and what my duties are.

At the end of the meeting, a woman whose daughter is in the chapter that I will be an advisor for approached me and detailed her daughter’s next steps were to make sure that she received credit for her summer volunteer hours. I was a little bit blown away, I didn’t know the answer! I looked at her sincerely and said, “I’m so sorry. I only recently accepted this position, and I’m still learning some of the smaller details. However, my co-advisor is right there,” as I pointed across the room, “and she has two years of experience with these girls. I believe she’d know more about what your daughter’s next steps are. It was so nice meeting you, and I look forward to spending time with your daughter.” The mother did just that and left with all the answers.

So, while initially I was taken aback and felt like I’d already failed, I was able to help this curious mother solve her problem. And I now have the answer for next time.

Learning is an every day process, and experiences like this remind us all that there’s no shame in bringing in a little bit of outside help so that everyone gets the answers they need.

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