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Super Bowl LV Best Commercial & Why this Matters to You

by | Feb 9, 2021

Perhaps the LV in this year’s Super Bowl applies to the other L.V. – the 5.5 million bucks spent to air a half-minute commercial.

Speak For Yourself® picks our favorite commercial each year. Why? To learn best ways to get YOUR message across without paying L,V00,000.

Drum Roll…. This year Doritos 3D ad with #FlatthewMcConaughey wins.

Use this list of strategies for your next board presentation, zoom meeting or project review all modeled in this commercial.

  • Self-deprecating humor. Laugh at yourself – it makes you more approachable. We will then want to listen to you. Matthew makes fun of himself throughout this ad.
  • Good story arc. Many of the ads tried too hard and became disjointed. Our Doritos ad shares the conflict, the comical issues around being 2D (getting sucked by a Roomba), and a simple elegant solution.
  • Clear CTA. Eat Doritos 3D. The problem and solution relate, unlike in other commercials where you had to really search for the product relevance & Call to Action.
  • Logical support material. Jimmy Kimmel and Mindy Kaling belong in this ad. “Did you travel by fax?”, asks Kimmel as Kaling looks perplexed. Perfect. They move the story forward! Note, we liked the Will Ferrell ad and we are fans of Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson but what were they doing in this ad? Answer: Gratuitous celebrity placement.
  • Strong finish. Flatthew transforms to Matthew by eating a 3D dorito chip inside a vending machine. Cute dog barks at his smushed 3D owner. We laugh as Matthew declares, “Doritos. Now in 3D.”

Real takeaways for you – find the humor, move your story forward with logic, add good support material that makes sense and create a clear message/solution.  Finally, don’t get stuck in a vending machine.

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