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Subliminal Messages You’re Sending That’re Guaranteed to Lose Business

by | Apr 6, 2013

Situation: Attending an Executive Board Meeting for your trade association

Comment by VP of Marketing: “We’re a best kept secret in the market place.”

AGGHHHHH: That’s what happened last week at my trade association board meeting.

Quick Save: Stop saying: “Best kept secret.”

Long-term Save: Reframe your brain – stop thinking you’re a best kept secret.

Epiphany: Don’t sublimally self negate your association, corporate team, shareholders, board of directors, project, professional service, or yourself.

Speak For Yourself® Take Away: Listen to what you are saying AND thinking. If it’s negative stuff, ask yourself if it’s legit. If it IS, then work on whatever it is on your own time. Once resolved, reframe your brain. You can’t control what others think; but you can control what YOU are thinking and saying.


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