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“Dayenu” in action

by | Apr 3, 2023 | 2 comments

How this transformative Hebrew word can clarify the way you think, communicate and act ➜

Dayenu (die – YAY – nu) defined

The Hebrew translation is “That would be sufficient”, and boiled down to one word … “ENOUGH”.

It’s also the title of a traditional one-thousand-years-old upbeat song that’s part of the Jewish holiday Passover. Every year as my family celebrates Passover we have a “Seder”, a special dinner, and we each read a paragraph from the “Haggadah” – the telling of the story of the exodus from slavery in Egypt to the freedom beyond; and we sing “Dayenu”.

This song is about being grateful to G-d for the gifts given to the Jewish people. A few lines:

“If G-d had brought us out from Egypt … Dayenu, it would have been sufficient!”

“If G-d had fed us only matza … Dayenu, it would have been sufficient!”

Dayenu in your life

❓  What’s “Dayenu / Enough” for you regarding money, possessions, or even Linked In likes & impressions?

❓  What’s “Dayenu / Enough” in terms of your professional achievements?

❓  What’s “Dayenu / Enough” when thinking about the relationships in your life?

❓  What would make you say, “Yes, that (fill in the blank) would be sufficient. That would be enough”?

You tell me… or rather, you tell yourself.

Dayenu in my life

This pic is our out-door Seder during the pandemic. Thank you, Nina & Bob, for being such gracious hosts every year. Dayenu.

We will once again sit around this table this week with loved ones and sing this song. That would be sufficient. Dayenu.

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  1. Roger Evans

    Thanks for this reminder, Karen. There is a recent article in the NYT about Finland being declared the happiest country on the UN Happiness Survey. When the Times interviewed a selection of Finns, several of them noted that being happy consisted of acknowledging that what they had was enough. My favorite summary is really quite a lot: a phrase I learned when learning the Norwegian language: “Every child shall have a safe home in a free land”. Happy Passover!

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Roger – I had read that Finland was awarded this Happiness Distinction but I did not drill down to the reason why. Thanks for sharing that it has everything to do with “Dayenu”. I appreciate your comment here. Thank you.

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