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Storytelling: The Visual Story

by | Mar 22, 2012

by Arin Forstenzer

While in London last week, I stumbled across “The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt”.  Created to raise funds for two charities, various artists, architects and designers created over 200 of these fabergé eggs, scattered around the city, with QR codes and links to the website and Facebook page. Not the easiest thing to describe to friends back home.

Visuals, like photographs, can provide details otherwise difficult to explain. Other types of visuals, such as data visualizations, can organize complex information into an easy-to-understand format, guiding the reader through small pieces of information that link to the next.

Today, as Maria Popova explains on her blog, the “visual vocabulary of storytelling” continues to expand, now including data visualization (ex. infographics), design, photography, animation among others, as “visual storytelling explores what it means to convey information with equal parts clarity and creativity…”

Pinterest’s rapid growth and YouTube’s popularity are just two examples in the digital world reflecting the expansion of visual storytelling.


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