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Speaking & Coaching Buzz

“Your full-day workshop to our Leadership Academy was overwhelmingly received. Everyone got a ton out of it, including us three – the CEO/President, HR Manager, and Chief Education Strategist! We really appreciated how interactive the day was. You had them constantly moving!”

Britta Butler

CEO / President, GTS Technology Solutions

“I got promoted!!! As Corporate Business Development Manager I will be overseeing sales and customer service for the South Central region. I owe much of my success in the interview process to the work we’ve done together.”

*Ryan P. Gardner

Enterprise Fleet Management

Your presentation was exceptional. Funny, on-point material, with audience engagement!

Debra Engelhardt-Nash

Program Chair, American Academy of Dental Practice

“I had a meeting today with some clients — the last time I met with them, the result was “meh”; this time the result was super. Your work has really helped.”

Val C. Cronin

J.D., Underwood Perkins, P.C.

“You were such a huge part of our success yesterday. It was a packed conference room. Thank you for preparing us so expertly and becoming thoroughly invested in the process with us. We really felt you cared and that made our connection to you and results driven sessions so worthwhile.”

*Andrea Waldrop

Vice President, waldrop + nichols studio llc

“You really made an impact. I have already used some of the things from the workshop and Jason gave a truly outstanding presentation on Tuesday. Really helpful to me personally and our group in general.”

Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP

 “Karen helped me with a big keynote. She took me to the next level from a communications perspective by structuring the message and tailoring my stories. She was invaluable to the success I had on stage. I think she is an amazing coach and I look forward to working with her for many years to come!”


“I had a TED-Talk style presentation on the main stage in Vegas. 8000 people in the audience. It was unreal. My material killed and your principles helped me through it. I was never more nervous, but it killed. Thanks to you!”

Joshua Austin, DDS


“Karen, your books have helped me more than any others. I also went to several of your seminars in San Antonio – you are my mentor.”

Linda Marquis

Dental Assistant Instructor

“Karen – We received a lot of practical advice and wisdom where we all need improvement. Your practical experience really gave us the opportunity to think about how we communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. You were a great keynote.”

Loui Dobin

Director, URJ Greene Family Camp

“You took me to a level I never thought I’d get to. I got a standing ovation for my inaugural address as President of the Greater Cleveland Dental Society!”

Jeff Campbell, D.M.D.

“You have unleashed a monster! This speech was one of the highlights of my life- every person who came over, called or emailed, said I was ‘so poised and calm’ – I loved every minute and cannot wait to do it again.”

Well-known Community Leader

“I’m now president of sales for the entire country. I credit my work with you as a major factor for my success.”

*Jim Boso

EVP, USA Mobility

“As a speaker Karen is very engaging, her delivery is warm and friendly and her presentation is bursting with valuable information which was extremely relevant to the audience. The information Karen delivers is an asset to any professional, anyone who engages with the public in their work life, in fact…anyone. I look forward to working with Karen in the future. She is a true professional, with an enormous amount of knowledge to share and a valuable addition to my education platform.”

Webinar for Australian based E-Den Education

Online Education for Dental Professionals

“Wow! You managed to keep a standing room only crowd completely captivated on a Saturday morning.”

Hinman Dental Meeting

“The attendees gave you the highest evaluation ratings possible.”

*Citigroup (formerly The Associates)

“Whether it’s been through seminars or individual coaching, you have helped many of our senior level managers to be more confident, comfortable, and articulate speakers — Thanks for being a part of our team for the past five years.”

*Fannie Mae Corporation

“The participants enjoyed your presentation, and we have received many positive comments.”

*Texas Dental Association

“Thanks for one of the best seminars we have presented to our members. I have received nothing but raves from the attendees.”

CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women)

“We enjoyed your keynote speech at our national meeting last month. We were especially pleased that you took time to learn about our company and were able to relate so well to the audience.”

Go/Dan Industries

“I liked your presentation because instead of being motivational hype, you gave us a ‘road map’ in a motivational way. Even my natural born salespeople gained from your workshop.”

Commercial Credit Reports, Inc.

“Your input helped me get over the top. I was stuck and you unstuck me.”

Dr. Joel Small

 “Your additions, revisions, and the way you captured the theme and threaded it throughout my message upgraded the speech to EXCELLENT. Not only are you an expert at what you do, but you brought the best out in me. I had a great time – before, during, and after my presentation.”

*Lesley Chambless

Ambit Energy

“You have a real gift in guiding the client in a positive, nurturing manner, and encouraging growth and confidence. You have had an impact on the way I make ALL of my presentations and I believe that I’ve progressed to the next level of professionalism as a result.”

Suzanne Boswell

“My vice president gave her presentation today, and she did an excellent job. She was well organized, had the right content, had a good use of specifics and examples, was quick and effective on her feet in addressing questions, her voice was confident, she was engagingly animated, she leveraged her team, and she projected “Executive Presence”. I appreciate you help in making this successful.”

*Hank Duffy

President of JHD Group, Healthcare Management Partners

“Thanks to Karen my seminar has taken a giant step in quality. I’m delivering my message with joy and passion as never before. She guided me toward higher quality handouts, customized very powerful opening and closing remarks, and engineered the addition of Power Point to the 35mm visual presentation.”

Tom McDougal, DDS

“Thanks to you, all of my speaking engagements have gone just great. I cannot thank you enough for your input.”

Michelle Rodriguez


 “Karen’s had attention to detail, enthusiasm, and helpfulness, and she customized to meet my needs. I will follow through on her critique, add to my visuals, and watch my delivery style”

Eileen Morrissey

Hygienist and Speaker

Madison Longust

Marketing Communications Manager, Gray Reed Law Firm

“I did fantastic! Your insightful feedback and practical tips boosted my confidence and refined my delivery, clarity, and overall effectiveness.

Even being the second to the last speaker everything went great and I definitely impressed my target market.”

Nate Freedman

CEO, Tech Pro Marketing

“We appreciate you and Dru’s help prepping our CEOs. They all did a great job (and most importantly, stayed on time!) and really told their stories well and with passion while sticking to the high points. We were pleased with the results and have received positive feedback from our investors.”

*Center Oaks Partners

 “ I knew you would put on a good show, but today’s keynote far exceeded my expectations. I am more than thrilled!”

David Lurie

VP, SCORE Houston

“Rehearsal dinner over. I crushed it! Could not have done it without you!”

Clayton Roberts, M.D.

“A few people have asked me to speak at their events after hearing me speak in Jamaica and Texas. It was wonderful. You are a true blessing to me and I owe a lot of this success to you.”

Dr. Glenn Vo

“The talk was FANTASTIC. I used all your suggestions and it was very well received…lots of questions during as well as after, and everyone seemed very interested! Many many thanks for your help!”

*Carolyn M. Matthews


“My year as Chair of the Dallas Wildcat Committee has been great. Working with you on how to present to the 300 leaders in our Oil and Gas Industry was instrumental to my success.”

Mynan Feldman

SVP, Bank of Texas

“I recently heard you at the ASLCS meeting and loved your presentation. Your presentation was one of the few that I felt I had true takeaway things I could actually use in everyday life. I’m planning on using the presentation outline you gave us on a regular basis.”

Susan W. Kannarr, J.D.

Chief Clerk of the House, Kansas House of Representatives

“Great to have Karen’s “Speak For Yourself” Webinar as part of our program here in Australia.”

Jennifer Craig

Co-Founder & Director, e-Den Education Pty Limited

“Presentation went very well! Didn’t move around or fidget, didn’t mow the lawn, and used the outline to formulate my thoughts and key points.”

NCH Corporation

“You provided us not only with skills for use in our daily business but skills for everyday life. Your Speak For Yourself Workshop Series gave our group the presentation skills to win projects.”

Emma Parker

Training Coordinator, MAPP Construction, LLC

“Karen – I rocked it!!! Yeh! Heading to our reception and dinner. A million thanks.”



“Karen’s program was the highlight of our week of sales training, and that’s why we’re bringing her back. Everyone enjoyed her workshop.”

*Mark Schroeder

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation

“Your work helping prepare our principals for our national conference really made a difference. Several firms have inquired about sharing projects with us as a result.”

*Mesa Design Group

“We were very impressed with your ability to zero in on the little details and show us ways to enhance our uniqueness. Our client told us that this was the best presentation they’ve ever heard.”


“Everyone enjoyed the real-life examples and clear and memorable way you communicated the key concepts. It’s apparent from the feedback that everyone in our organization who attended your program will benefit from using the techniques you described.”

Pizza Hut

“We’ve enjoyed having you speak and train with us at our corporate headquarters, here in Oklahoma.”

Williams Cos.

“Thank you for one of the best and most educational programs we have ever had.”

*MPI (Meeting Professionals International)

“You made me look good!”

Judith Salisbury

SWSPD (Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry)

“Karen, your presentation was fantastic. I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed having you down to West Palm Beach and spending some time with our mentor doctors. You thoroughly understand your subject matter and aren’t afraid to get involved in taking risks with your audience.”

Implant Innovations, Inc. (3I)

“Your presentation hit the bullseye and I contribute this to your effort to understand the audience and apply yourself 110%.”

National Contact Lens Group

“Karen lived up to all expectations and was creative in arranging my speech to an impressive stage delivery. Her coffee cup theme was brilliant. After our two-day session we were both excited about the power of it.”

Ron Drez

New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Let’s face it. I thought I was pretty hot stuff BEFORE a day with you….and now I realize I have much more to learn. After your coaching I received my first ever 100% perfect scores on evaluations, when I spoke the very next day.”

Mark Murphy, DDS

“Accept my deepest appreciation for your professionalism and for helping me improve my lecturing skills. This was a superb course.”

*Gerard J. Chiche, DDS

Chairman, Dept. of Prosthodontics, LSU

 “While I am accustomed to public speaking and to writing my own speeches, I found your assistance invaluable. You were able to help me with continuity, correct phrases, the most descriptive words, and in reshaping my content into a concise, organized message. Most of all, I was impressed by how easy it was to work with you and how quickly you became in-tuned with the message I was trying to convey.”

Thomas M. Dunning

Chairman/CEO, Lockton Dunning Benefit Company

“Your tutoring transformed me from feeling like a frightened rabbit in front of a few people to conducting a large 400-attendance seminar with confidence and control.”

Albert S. Roslyn, DDS

“You are our North American favorite instructor. You and your courses (both editions) have been the best valued of the whole Summa Week this year. Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your professionalism, your contagious enthusiasm and the way you do everything. You make easy the difficult things. For four years you have helped our leaders reach their maximum potential with their presentations.”

*Jaime Canosa

Talent Manager Spain, Ferrovial

 “You’ve been instrumental. I’m ready to open our Summit event.”

Michael Pennington

CEO, Platinum Dermatology Partners

“You helped to develop compelling presentations through credibility and ‘velcro’ to tell our story. You made each and every one of our team better when they spoke last week at our 10,000 attendee Success School.”

Christina Helwig

VP of Global Events, AdvoCare International

“My speech in Spain was well received. The way we structured the opening and close was great. I got excellent feedback and the company is using the principles I challenged them to do.”

Steve Newland

President, Allied Electronics

“Your work has had a profound affect. I can see a shift in confidence, not only with John’s presence at meetings but also on team calls. You don’t always see an investment this quickly. This consulting has been worth every amount. It’s not just the money. It’s the time.”

Charlie Koyias, M.D

Lead Medical Scientific Affairs Manager, Roche

“My speech in Munich was amazing! I could not have done it without your coaching. It was very well received.” 
Note from Speak For Yourself®: Court Westcott’s investment, augmented reality software firm Metaio, was bought by Apple.
Court Westcott

Managing Partner, Westcott LLC

“Karen — working with you has been a turning point for me regarding giving presentations. Your ‘best practices’ including how to outline, how to prepare, and how to convey presence have helped me move my career forward.”

Lu Truong

former Director of Business Transformation Solutions, Southwest Airlines

“Your PMI presentation was great! You provided a lot of insight other speaking programs miss.”

John Holderman


“Our team is already putting your communication tips into action.”

Telesa Walton, C.V. M.

Community Engagement Director, Reading Partners

“Karen provided valuable instruction that was very practical enabling our people to put these actions to work immediately. For example: do one business development action daily, smile, begin with “you” rather than “I” on email, fix google search issue, don’t block the light, more praise.”

Bart Stephan

President & CEO , Lerch Bates, Inc.

“Karen – I was called upon to give a presentation to the Board of Directors today, and was given 30 minutes to prepare.  I did a great job.  I was very confident, calm, and made a lot of eye contact.  Most of that was because of our training. Thank you for all of your help!”

A. Taylor, CPA

CFA, Plains Capital Bank

“Hi Karen, I Killed it!!! Everyone said that I stood out as the best speaker during our conference. Who would’ve thought?”

David Wilner

VP, LaQuinta Hotels

“Feedback from both contractors and employees at our Wealth Builder Conference in Chicago was very positive. You will be remembered.”

*Bob Tafaro

President & CEO, GAF-Elk

“Using Karen’s personal and customized approach to one-on-one coaching, I now know how to communicate with greater success and less frustration.”


“Your workshop received outstanding ratings. We plan on making your workshop a permanent part of our program.”


“I had the opportunity to listen to your message in Indianapolis, Hartford and Salt Lake City last year, and I can see why your portion of the program was rated the highest on all 24 seminars. This is no easy task given the makeup of our audience.”

*ELK Corporation

“Karen Reisman is one of the most energetic and entertaining speakers we have encountered here at the Pankey Institute. She gets the audience involved and at the same time brings a critically important message. Very clear objectives are achieved each time she has presented to our quite sophisticated classes. These practical practice objectives include but certainly are not limited to COMMUNICATION skills, LISTENING skills, achieving EMPOWERED staff, MOTIVATIONAL strategies/staff exercises, and perhaps most importantly how to speak and present yourself with PANACHE and POWER. I sincerely believe she is a must see and can make significant changes in you, your organization, and how others begin to perceive you.”

*The Pankey Institute

Dr. Irwin Becker, DDS, Chairman, Dept. of Education

“Enjoyed the interactive nature of Ms. Reisman’s presentation. Great for team building.”

Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry attendee

“The inside sales team has been on fire ever since our meeting. They are getting to more people on the phone and we have seen over a 400% increase in successful appointments being set by the inside sales team.”


“You did a fantastic job and you are definitely good at what you do.”

Dental Study Group

SWSPD (Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry)

“Great examples on how to sell and communicate!”

Hector Cant

Co-author of the nationally syndicated Baldo comic strip

“Karen, working with you was an outstanding experience and I look forward with enthusiasm to our next training session.”

Joseph A. Blaes, DDS

Editor, Dental Economics

“Your great personality and your enthusiasm not only places people at ease from the first minute they meet you, but magnifies your passion for your work. You gave me outstanding information that is more and more useful with every presentation.”

Mitch A. Conditt, DDS

“It’s the structure that has helped with my nervousness. The structure works. I’m comfortable with it.”

Greg Fisher

Sr. Vice President, CFO and Controller, Elk Corporation

 “I am committed to becoming a public speaker and that is why I went to see Karen Reisman. In one weekend with Karen Reisman’s coaching, I accomplished more than reading all the books on public speaking. If public speaking or case presentation is something you would like to learn to do better, check out Karen on her website.”

Dr. Barry Polansky

Elk Corporation

” … I was able to implement most of the changes at the start, and it was extremely well received by the audience. The conclusion also worked out great.”

Avishai Sadan, DDS

“Your assistance with how to organize, prepare and deliver presentations has been helpful for all of my various speeches I give on behalf of KDC – whether it’s been a ‘ground breaking’, a ‘ribbon cutting’ or an important pitch.”

Toby Grove

President, KDC

“Pure perfection!!! Thank you so much!!!”

*Reggi Nichols

President & Founding Partner, waldrop + nichols studio llc

“Ten years later (after getting a little bored of hearing myself say the same things) I reached out to Karen. Karen has a SYSTEM which I love so I was playing by ear, but now can read the music.”

Dr. Paul Goodman

“There’s no way I could have done that a year ago. Thanks for all your wisdom and coaching. (Editor’s note: “that” = impromptu short presentation to a room of 2,500!)”

*Carl Wehmeyer

Executive Vice President, Niagara Conservation

“We got the $25 million dollar project. Thanks for helping our team communicate our message.”

Eric Hahnfeld

Founder, Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Architects

“After working with you I am getting business from these speeches and my presentations are relevant to my audiences. Your creativity really helps me come up with clever and concise titles, program outcomes, and good speech material.”

*David Cohen, Esq.

Cohen Law Firm

“You helped me with my best Easter sermon–long ago! Always grateful for your coaching in the past.”

Tim Walker

Senior Pastor Emeritus

Karen was able to help me turn slides of data into a colorful and impactful presentation by creating a story that engaged a variety of leaders from different departments. I have learned several new ways to communicate information that now makes presenting really enjoyable.”

Simone Ikonomides

BioPharm Regional Director, Novo Nordisk Inc.

“The way you had me organize my thoughts created a flow that I’ve never before experienced. My old nemesis, time management, did not become a factor. Finishing on time has always haunted me and now it seems it will not be a problem again. Hopefully you will also touch, through your work with me, those individuals that attend my lectures.”

*Mike Robichaux, DDS

“I’m taping my next TV program today and I’m excited about my new opening and closing. My work with you has moved me to a different level. You’ve exceeded my expectations.”

Glenda Swearingen

Attorney at Law, Marianna, FL

“All of our candidates made it through! We are very excited and proud of their accomplishments. Thanks for all of your support throughout this process. We can’t wait to work with you again for our next round of candidates!”


“This was the best professional training course that I have ever taken . . .”

“Thank you again for being a part of our 2002 ECC National Staff Conference in Washington, D.C….It was well-received by our staff and made for a wonderful, powerful start to our meeting.”

*American Heart Association

“Each and every one of the presenters was impressed with your ability to draw out their best skills giving them an edge over standard seminar presenters.”

Texas Instruments

“Thanks again for your help in getting our speakers well-prepared! Our symposium allowed us to solidify our strong relationship with current clients and to demonstrate the value we provide to new contacts.”

*Kerry Food & Beverage Group

Corry Byron, Business Director – National Accounts

“We are all now very confident that we can stand up in front of our customers and express ourselves with more vigor than we ever thought possible.”

*Sterling Commerce

“Karen Cortell Reisman captured and engaged the full attention of our audience throughout her presentations. More importantly than receiving excellent marks from her audience, her strategies will have an impact on how NARDA members inspire, manage and lead in the future.”

*NARDA (North American Retail Dealers Association)

“I truly enjoyed your talks on Friday. I have the vision of your grandparents at the train station embedded in my memory forever. We have a monthly staff meeting tomorrow and we will be discussing all the great changes or extra’s we can do within our practice that we learned from you.”

Dr. Melissa Rozas

SWSPD (Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry)

“Your keynote speech in Sante Fe was great. Your program was exactly what I was looking for.”

National Contact Lens Group

“My day in Dallas with you was invaluable as I gear up to speak at national dental meetings.”

Sally Hewett, DDS


 “With your coaching I felt like a million bucks. It went great! I hardly looked at my notes, I stood still, and I had a much better opening and closing.”

*Jim Boso

Division President, USA Mobility

“Karen was well organized and gave solid information without any wasted time. I will incorporate more stories, use more visuals, and reduce the text.”

Steve Daniel, DDS

 “Thank you for your expert communication coaching for my top corporate executives.”

*Don V. Ingram

Chairman of the Board and CEO, IMCO Recycling Inc.

“Your coaching provided me with straight forward feedback that I could easily use – for which I received immediate results! Thanks for showing me how less is more.”

Risa Pollack-Simon, CMC

“Just wanted to let you know that Chicago went really well. I got great reviews and felt comfortable all day. Thanks for the help, it really paid off!”

Dr. Steve Ratcliff

“It was well worth what we did. I’m really happy we worked on this and it wouldn’t have turned out as well without our phone coaching. It went absolutely fabulous.”

*Dr. Brian Vence

*Repeat clients

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