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Speak To Be Understood

by | May 24, 2016

Karen Cortell Reisman Executive Communication Speaker & Coach EinsteinEinstein titled a speech – “Special and General Relativity: To Be Understood by the Common Man”. But Einstein joked, “the common man might not be that common.”*

My cousin** realized the oxymoron of communication. You must speak about what you know and have earned the right, via your education and experience, to discuss. YET – you have to speak to be understood.

Solution for us common folk: KNOW your audience/listeners/prospect/board of directors/client. REALLY KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

What causes them pain?

What are their strengths?

What are their challenges?

Why do they want to listen to you?

How much do they already know before you start talking?

How long do they have to listen to you? (my bet – not that long)

What would bring value to them?

Answer these questions and you will speak to be understood.

* Source: Andy Berger, Discover Magazine, June 2016. Thank you Mac Stewart for lending me your magazine.

** Yes, Albert Einstein is a cousin. My Dad’s mom and Einstein were cousins, dear friends, and lifelong gossip buddies as seen in their personal correspondence. Don’t you see our resemblance?

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