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Speak For Yourself® State of the Union Address

by | Jan 28, 2014

President Obama gives his State of the Union tonight. It’s only appropriate for Speak For Yourself® to present a State of the Union as well. In this 2014 year you can look forward to:

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 11.15.28 AMSpeak For Yourself® Added Programs:

DEAL MAKERS AND DEAL BREAKERS — The HEART of Persuasion and Negotiation

Learn how to bring your “A-game” to every deal, every time.

The goal of this strategic workshop is to equip you to enter a negotiation with an appropriate upper hand. You will learn how to negotiate like a seasoned master.


This session will saddle you up to better protect, manage and fatten your cash cow, and help you avoid rustling others’ cash cows (unlawfully using others’ intellectual property).

Speak For Yourself® Added Learning Tool:

180 Rule for Powerful Presentations – Karen’s newest book!  180-PowerfulPres Karen's book

What if there was a way to tap into your existing tendencies, not only to avoid giving a presentation, but to embrace your skills and strengths so your voice is heard and valued throughout your organization or project?

The 180 Rule is the vehicle to connect us to an innovative methodology that successfully leverages a natural phenomenon inherent in us all. Since the late 1940’s, studies have been conducted that explore a fascinating behavioral trait called the Negativity Bias.

Using these findings as a foundation, The 180 Rule for Powerful Presentations applies a process that allows you to present powerfully from the lectern, at a meeting, in your volunteer opportunity, or as president of an organization.

Order Online as an eBook or Print-at-home book at AMAZON.COM

 Speak For Yourself® Added Webinars:

 Watch for announcements of these 29-minute webinars that will be given throughout the year. Webinars will include:


Whether you own your company or you just started on the ground level, fear of public speaking can debilitate your visibility, your positioning, your gravitas. Learn how to channel your negatives (fear) to positives so you can speak with confidence every time.


Want to be a sought after leader? Want people to come to your meetings without multitasking? Learn how to promote, organize, and run a meeting that gets your job done.

By now I know you’ve given me around 15 standing ovations. I am smiling and waving back to you, especially since there will be no rebuttal speech from some other organization! Even if there was a rebuttal presentation – we at Speak For Yourself could handle it!


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